Tuesday, 24 July 2012

David Tennant Treat 4 Today for Tuesday 24th July 2012

As we tweeted this morning, it was four years ago today that David Tennant played the first preview performance of Hamlet for the RSC in Stratford-Upon-Avon. To mark the anniversary the David Tennant Treat 4 Today looks at some reviews by fans of that performance.

There used to be a David Tennant forum which had lots of reviews by fans of the performances but sadly that suddenly closed so all the reviews were lost. 

Instead here is an extract from the book David Tennant A Year In The Spotlight which contains some comments posted by fans online that evening:

With most people having mobile phones nowadays and mobile Internet becoming so widespread, it was little wonder that even during the interval of Hamlet, reports about the play were being posted online on various David Tennant and Doctor Who fan forums. The parts that the initial reports focused on were more about how David looked and what he was wearing than on the play as a whole but almost 100 people are reported to have been online in just one thread on DoctorWhoForum.com waiting for reports! Comments posted that evening by fans included:

The play is fantastic. It's very modern dress.”

”DT - Think Secret Smile; he wears a black suit, then a tux, then in jeans and T-shirt. The whole time he's barefoot. Much ruffling of his hair, (he's doing that) and you'll be pleased to know David looks really well rested.”

”David is fantastic in it, certainly NOT the Doctor, he's playing the part so well.”

”Brilliant is the overall verdict!”

”David is using an English accent, not detrimental to the play.”

”A stunning, seriously incredible first preview, and it's only going to get better. There was a complete standing ovation at the end and the whole company came back on stage twice . DT completely took over the stage and there wasn't a bad part from anyone.”

”The sword fight, everyone went for it, at one point they thought they were going to come off the stage. Words like incredible, stunning and totally speechless at the acting ability of David.”

”And the best part is.... DT is bound and gagged at a certain point.”

A little old lady there tonight told me that she had seen Hamlet about 100 times over the years including seeing Lawrence Olivier in the role. Of course I had to ask her afterwards what she thought about this production and she said that it was one of the best that she had seen and DT was easily one of the best Hamlets!

”He has about 6/7 costume changes, including a very tight pair of jeans which shows his bum off to perfection. His undies are white with blue stripes round the top. Also got a glimpse of the appendix scar and his stomach.”

”He looks geeky but cute at some points and the play is funny where it should be and sad where it should be.”

”DT said a VERY naughty word..begins with C!”

The “naughty word” comment referred to the word country in the line “Did you think I meant country matters?” where he left a deliberate pause between the first and second syllables of the word. 


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