Friday, 17 January 2014

David Tennant Treat 4 Today for Friday 17th January 2014

The David Tennant Treat 4 Today is a sweet story from 2008.

On Friday 17th October there was a lovely story about David Tennant in an interview with Toby Hadoke in a Cambridgeshire newspaper to advertise his one man show Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf which was playing in the area that weekend. Toby Hadoke’s monologue is a touching but funny story about how the programme Doctor Who has affected his life in a positive way and about his relationship with his young son. 

In parts during the play David Tennant’s voice as The Doctor was played over the tannoy and Toby explained in this article how David Tennant came to hear about his show. 

David Tennant’s such a nice man and he's such a good Doctor. I did a charity comedy night at the Edinburgh Festival to raise money for the hospice that cared for his mum - we didn't tell him about it, but he got wind of it and he tracked me down, which can't have been easy. 

From something I'd said on a podcast he worked out that I'd been in a play with someone he knew, so he phoned her and asked for my number, and then one Wednesday morning I got a phone call on my mobile and this voice said "My name's David Tennant", and he just wanted to thank us for what we'd done. 

I work with actors all the time, but being phoned by the current Doctor Who - who frankly had better things to be doing - was pretty amazing, and an incredibly nice thing for him to do. But that's David - nobody has a bad word to say about him.

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