Sunday, 14 February 2021

David Tennant Treat 4 Today for Sunday 14th February 2021

The David Tennant Treat 4 Today is an extract from Doctor Who Magazine #384 where from Benjamin Cook interviewed Carey Mulligan about Blink.

Benjamin asked "You had just one day on set with David Tennant. Did he live up to expectations?"

Carey's reply was "You can’t not get on with David, cos he’s so brilliant. He’s annoyingly nice.

When you’re acting with him, he’s so engaging. He gives 100% on every single take, whether it’s a wide shot or a close-up.

He makes everything look so easy. I mean, he does this every single day; we’ve only been doing it for a fortnight. It’s exhausting, but it’s so much fun, and no one is taking it too seriously. I mean, we’re not making a Spike Lee film; we’re making Doctor Who.

Yesterday was my favorite day, I think, cos Finn and I were throwing ourselves around on the TARDIS, which is what it’s all about. You get the gig and you’re like, ‘Wow, I get to go in the TARDIS!’ In everyday life, to throw yourself onto the floor is so against your instinct, but here you just do it, without even questioning. I’ve got bruises all over me today."

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