Friday, 1 November 2013

David Tennant Treat 4 Today for Friday 1st November 2013

The David Tennant Treat 4 Today is a really great article about David Tennant from Metro newspaper which was published in October.

The article is titled 'From Doctor Who to Broadchurch: What makes David Tennant so popular?'

It starts 'David Tennant’s career seems to go from strength to strength with each new role that he undertakes. So what is it that makes him so popular? In my opinion it’s David himself that has led to his huge success as an actor.

His friendly, down to earth approach and staunch work ethic make him popular with his contemporaries and he is often praised by co-stars for being a pleasure to work with. In short he is an exceptionally nice man who happens to be extraordinarily talented and part of his appeal is that he doesn’t seem to realise just how talented he is.

Tennant’s handsome good looks obviously appeal to the female audience, but his allure is as much about his personality, his wicked sense of humour and intelligent banter, which shines through in the rare interviews that he gives to the press.'

Click here to read the whole article.

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