Monday, 22 November 2010

David Tennant Treat 4 Today for Monday 22nd November 2010

As David Tennant is reading the Book At Bedtime each night this week (10.45pm on BBC Radio 4) the David Tennant Treat 4 Today each day this week will look at David Tennant and / or Tenth Doctor books.

The book today is called A Life In Time And Space by Nigel Goodall.

It is available from Amazon from this link for £8.59 but there does not appear to be a Kindle version available.

The hardback was published in September 2008 and the paperback version in October 2009 (the latter does not appear to be an updated version).

The book is exactly 200 pages in length plus there are 14 pages of colour photos (although none of them are exclusive pictures). There is also a glossary of terms at the back.

Reviewers on Amazon only give it one out of five stars and there are 25 reviews on the site of which all do not like it.

Personally I found it quite an intrusive book and I especially did not like the way the author gave the impression he knew exactly what was going on inside David's head! That may be the reason that I witnessed David refuse to sign the book when someone asked him and gave his opinion that it was "rubbish."

The book covers David's career from the start until June 2008 (and ponders whether he will play the fifth series of Doctor Who) but lacks details about the beginning of his career. I didn't read anything in the book that I did not already know.

Below are scans of the first five pages of the book. Click on each one for a larger version.

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