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David Tennant Treat 4 Today for Monday 19th November 2018

On Monday 17th November 2015 David Tennant was the guest on AOL Build which streamed on the internet. The interview was conducted at their studios in New York City and was to promote Marvel's Jessica Jones which is released worldwide on Netflix on Friday 20th November.

A few of the items mentioned in the interview were:

The interviewer had interviewed the writer the previous day who told David that Marvel originally wanted him for Jessica Jones but he wasn't available at first so when he then became available they snapped him up. David said that wasn't aware of that.

David said that the cast would do table-reads in Brooklyn with a screen linked to the writers in California but that there was always a writer or showrunner on set.

David spoke about how much he loved Doctor Who as a child and that when it came back in 2005 he just wished to be in one episode.

David was asked why he left Doctor Who and he explained that it was at the time that Russell T Davies was leaving and that he wished to leave while he was still enjoying it.

David said that he always believes that his current role will be his final role and that he is "always chasing the next role."

David was then asked about Gracepoint and said that he doubted that something like that would happen again (making a US remake) because nowadays the original programmes are shown worldwide.

The interviewer asked David about the differences between playing something like Jessica Jones on television and Shakespeare on stage. He spoke about the difficulties in the language of Shakespeare (although the lines flow) and the pressure of all the history of the other actors who have played the roles over the centuries.

Finally someone from the audience (who was a young actress) asked about auditioning and David agreed about how difficult it was. David said his worst audition was for the HBO series Rome - "my audition lasted about 35 seconds!" David also spoke about a coffee advert that he auditioned for without success. He also refused to do an audition for something that specified naked!

The interview lasted about 30 minutes and the David Tennant Treat 4 Today is a video of the interview which should play worldwide.

Link to the video of the interview.

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