Friday, 14 April 2017

David Tennant Treat 4 Today for Friday 14th April 2017

With the final ever episode of Broadchurch being broadcast in the UK on Monday, the David Tennant Treat 4 Today is a look back at the initial announcement that the drama was going to be made starring David Tennant.

The announcement of David's involvement was made on 2nd June 2012 and it was The Sun who first reported it.

This is the link to The Sun's article and this is the link to our report of it. It's interesting reading how it was first reported and to realise what it grew into!

We wrote:

'The Sun newspaper today has reported that David Tennant will star in a new detective series for ITV which is expected to air next January.

David's character in the currently unnamed series is described as a maverick sleuth who solve crimes his colleagues cannot crack.

The series will be made by the same company who produced both Spooks and Hustle for the BBC and is said to be inspired by the cult Danish crime series The Killing which has resulted in versions being produced in other countries too.

According to The Sun an unnamed source said: "This is not just another detective show with a quirky sleuth. There is more to it. It will be in the same vein as The Killing in that it will be suspenseful — just when you think you know what’s going on, David’s character will turn the whole thing on its head."

"It’s a challenging role but one he is relishing."

The production will have a budget of £1 million.'

The final ever episode of Broadchurch will be broadcast on Monday (17th) at 9pm on ITV.

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