Thursday, 8 January 2015

David Tennant Treat 4 Today for Thursday 8th January 2015

The David Tennant Treat 4 Today is a sweet interview Ben Miller gave  to Radio Times about working with David Tennant in What We Did On Our Holiday.

The interview started with Ben talking about playing Billy Connolly's son and David Tennant's brother in the movie and he said "I was a little bit intimidated about playing Billy Connolly's son and David Tennant's brother, if only on their Scottishness stakes. If that was a high jump, they're setting the Scottish bar right at its limit."

Ben was next asked about how it was playing David Tennant's on-screen sibling? His reply was "As a fictional brother, he was infuriating. He's so suave and good looking and seems to have it all together whereas, I think as a fictional brother, certainly for my character, he is an absolute nightmare. Anyone who looks that good in clothes is just too annoying."

Finally Susanna Lazarus asked whether, as a Who fan, Miller (who was an avid viewer of his co-star Tennant's tenure in the TARDIS) did talk about Doctor Who with him on set. Ben's response was "Not only did I chat Who but I brought my son with me and David was absolutely brilliant with him. The Tenth Doctor was where he started when he began watching and I remember sitting in the make up trailer and Sonny just sidling up to David and asking, 'How does the sonic screwdriver work?' And David giving him the most brilliant explanation that literally went on for 15 minutes describing all the different buttons and what they did. Sonny was just so smitten at the end of it, it was fantastic – a really magical moment."

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