Thursday, 5 January 2012

David Tennant Treat 4 Today for Thursday 5th January 2012

Tonight David Tennant narrated episode 2 of Earthflight on BBC One starting at 8pm.

During transmission #Earthflight was the second to top trended item in the UK!

To celebrate that the David Tennant Treat 4 Today is a collection of tweets about David Tennant's narration which were posted during the hour the programme aired:

Watching Earthflight. I didn't know saying the word 'blubber' could sound so sexy, yet David Tennant just pulled it off!

Earthflight is bloody awesome, not as awesome as David Tennant's voice. It's like Lindor chocolate drizzled in Iron Bru.

Finding Earthflight a lot better due to the fact that David Tennant is narrating. He has a beautiful voice. Matches his face.

David Tennant's Scottish accent is unbelievably gorgeous.

Watching Earthflight just to hear David Tennant's sexy voice!

I think David Tennant is a great narrator on #Earthflight, such a great programme. I bet Attenborough wishes he took the job.

I'm probably biased as a #doctorwho fan, but I like the way David Tennant narrates these wildlife documentaries, really brings them to life.

The only reason I would watch Earthflight is because David Tennant narrates it and I find his voice wildly attractive.

I want David Tennant to narrate my life.

Just watching #Earthflight ... wildlife is so much more interesting when narrated by the yummy Mr David Tennant :)

It's a very manly programme, this Earthfight. I wonder if David Tennant is employed to keep the wives happy.

To be fair, not everybody tweeted that they liked David doing the narration but some people do not like any wildlife narration unless it is by David Attenborough!

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